There are many names for the main watch within anyones collection,

core watch – commercial watch – the best seller

But every collection needs core watches in their range.

It’s a watch that is perfectly targeted to your customer, fits with their style, matches what they’re wearing and portrays the image they aspire to.

When designing a core watch, I always ensure I know who the customer is and what they love.

As an example of this, the people who buy ‘OWL watches’, want something cool, sophisticated, and paired down. Something that can be worn every day and is designed in a way that’s beautifully styled, unique and still makes a statement.

The polar opposite of this is a customer who’s main end consumer loves sparkle. From a crystal on the dial to full on crystal set bracelets; without the crystal and sparkle, the watches won’t sell.

So when designing a core watch, the end consumer MUST be kept at the fore front and the design tailored to that person. If I was to put crystal onto OWL watches it just wouldn’t sell as this isn’t what the customer wants.

Over the years I am proud to say I have designed and supplied many best sellers for my customers. Often designing watches that are commercial and adding  design twists that fits with the end consumer needs.

Once a collection is launched there will always be a style that performs better than the rest of the range and this is the area that then needs to be expanded on. Colour variations, plating finishes, dial colours and dial executions. Also keeping the style updated is key.

Once someone has bought the core watch, they are unlikely to go back and make that purchase again quickly. By updating the style, re-designing the watch, taking into account where the trends are moving to, a core style can transform subtly, stay on trend and encourage the end consumer to go and make that additional purchase.

Mens every day watch

Using a large clean open dial this simple case combined a brushed case with a polished bezel. The clean white dial features a multifunction. This was then put on a traditional padded crock strap. This watch sold well as it was a clean, easy to wear style. It gave the customer a modern watch with a classic finish. After launching with a brown crock strap this was then expanded into a black strap option.

Petite mesh watch

This is a small 24mm size case on a mesh strap. We did 3 finishes on this style. A simple gold finish with a gold mesh strap. We also made an IP brown finish with rose gold highlights. This made for a stunning watch, feminine but slightly different. The final option pushed techniques more, we used a special technique to print an animal pattern onto the mesh band.

Skinny Mesh watch

This mesh strap watch had a different profile using an oversize case on a slim mesh strap. The covered shoulder makes the flow from the case to the strap very clean.

We then took the style into different colour options, using contrast plating on the shoulders and also a full rose gold option which suited the customers feminine taste.

We added different dial finishes from a clean silver sunray dial with the contrast rose gold markers, to a soft graduated sunray that is pale blue to silver with gold markings which highlighted the gold shoulder detail.

Crystal Ladder Bracelet watch

This tapered crystal bracelet was designed with the crystal lady in mind. It is easy to wear and if your customer loves crystal this is perfect for her. We did this in silver, rose gold and a striking gun option giving the customer more choice but keeping the sparkle.

Hand whip stitch watch

This model launched as a round case and used strap detail and hand stitching round the strap. Being an expensive to make we used premium leathers, this resulted in a higher priced watch but the end customer could see the finish and was happy to pay for the quality. We then updated this with a tonneau case shape and kept the whip stitch detail on the strap.

Published by Annette Allen