Constantly designing and manufacturing new styles, here are a few or our favourites.


Subtle graphics are a great way to add your identity to a watch and still keep the watch commercial. We used a sun-burst dial in a light rose gold on this watch. This was then over printed with a matt rose gold pattern so the sun-burst just shows through the pattern giving a very different dial finish.

We finished this watch with a cross pattern leather strap. This is used normally on bags and purses and added an extra special finish to this watch.



This watch was designed to have a fun factor mixed with a wow factor. The case size is 30mm, so easy to wear. A clean white strap is perfect for Spring/Summer and the stand-out feature on this watch is the dial. We have used a PU material across the dial which is a high shine material with a holographic finish. This makes the watch look different from any angle and always changes colour, perfect for someone who wants something fun to tell the time.



When designing this watch, we wanted to create a look which is sleek and clean, a watch that flows around the wrist and looks stylish. We also wanted to add detail to make it different to other mesh watches in the market. The covered shoulder makes the watch flow into the mesh without a step and then, by adding a ring of rose gold plating on the inside of the lens, complimented by rose gold hands and a rose gold crown, this watch is both sleek and stylish.


This watch is all about feminine. Ensuring we got the correct colour level on this watch was key to getting the feminine feel. With so many neutral shades we chose a warm mink colour which sits easily with most skin tones and is also easy to team up with many outfits. Then by adding crystals to the bezel and a sun-burst dial in the same colour, this watch shouts pretty, feminine and beautiful.



We love this watch! With a clean, non fussy bracelet style, we have used a colour spray finish which ties in with key seasons colours. We have also designed it with a multi dial function to keep a sports feel but with the case size only 30mm it is a really fresh take on the sports look. We especially love the grey option with the rose gold highlights, perfect to tie in with many outfits and the rose gold adds a feminine touch.


With this watch we wanted to push the techniques used on everyday watches. The case size is 36mm and the dial is large and open. The shoulders on the watch are closed making it flow into the strap seamlessly. The strap profile is a skinny strap which makes for a very feminine look.

The colour palette we have used on this watch is soft grey mixed with rose gold which is perfect for SS16. The special detail we have used on this watch is the dial. We have used a gorgeous PU laid on the dial which has a pearl snake finish which makes this watch very different and very stunning.


This watch is very different to a normal watch. It is more a piece of jewellery than an every day watch. The bangle is made from two halves and sit loosely round the wrist as a jewellery bangle would. The watch has a clean open dial to showcase a beautiful sunburst dial. The feel and look of this watch is clean, minimal and very stylish.


Sometimes it just needs to be simple. A clean 38mm case, finished in rose gold, offset on a soft lilac strap with a clean white dial. This watch can tie in with any outfit, casual, smart, patterned or plain.


Mixing a clean styled case and adding detail can be a great way to add identity to a watch. By adding a resin tortoise inner ring to the dial, the styling of this watch has been elevated to another level. Also, by using a leather that has a slight grain texture to the finish makes this a stunning must-have watch.