At Source Watches Design is key and at the heart of everything we do. We bring new designs that are commercial, on trend and push the boundaries.


We start with researching the latest trends. What is happening in the watch market, what is happening in fashion on the catwalks and where the next seasons look will be heading.


From here we start to put design concepts together. Starting with sketches, we consider the direction we want to take, what will fit into your hand writing style and we think about what new ideas we can introduce to the watches to offer something different and design something bespoke.


Once we have our ideas collated we then take to the Macs and the design comes together. Once drawn on the computer the watch can easily be adapted into colour options to tie in with the seasons colours and your brand styling.

Once we are happy with the CAD we discuss this with you and get your feedback and make any changes. Once this has been finalised and you’re happy we start sampling.



Detailed artwork is drawn up specifying case sizes, measurement, materials to use, plating colour. We then receive a technical drawing back so which we check that the design and measurements are correct. The tooling of the case can now start.

After 8 weeks we will receive a sample of the watch. At this point any changes can be made and any colour amendments to ensure you are 100% happy with the watches you are buying.

Once we get your approval we can start the production process.