So how much does a watch cost and what is the minimum order quantity ?… 

There is no set pricing to the cost of the watch because there are so many variables.  
Some of these to consider are as follows: 
Material - Plastic / Alloy / brass / stainless steel / precious metal 
Plating - Flash / IPS / PVD 
Strap - PU / Leather / Mesh / Metal Bracelet 
Movement - Swiss / Japanese / Chinese 
Quantity - the higher the quantity, the lower the price can be negotiated. 
What is the Minimum Order Quantity (M.O.Q.) 
This can also vary. If the case is allready tooled, the M.O.Q. can be as low as 500 pieces and this can be also split down into different colour options. If it is a new bespoke tooling, the M.O.Q. will be 1000 pieces. 
From fast fashion, entry price point watches, through to premium, luxury watches. 
We work with you to your budget and ensure we are developing watches that fit with your price point and end consumer. We want your watches to be a sucess.  
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